Charlotte Freeman-Shaw

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If Charlotte had a mantra, it might go something like this: ‘To learn nothing from the past is to remain forever a child’ (paraphrased from Cicero). Propelled by this conviction, she pursued an Honours BA in international relations at the University of Toronto, focusing primarily on the link between a nation’s current social & political landscapes and the (complex and often tumultuous) history of its foreign relations. Though this program provided her with many fond memories and foundational academic skills, by the time she graduated, Charlotte realized that her passion lay in decoding the behaviours of individuals, not countries and multinational organizations.

How did all this lead Charlotte to law school, one might ask? To this query, she has no specific answer because, for her, there was no moment of epiphany. All she knows is that, somehow, the twists and turns of this delightful journey called life propelled her toward this destination. So, here she is, half way through her first year of law school, and glad to report that, there is indeed nowhere else she would rather be. Charlotte was bitten by ‘the law & technology bug’ in December while writing a take-home property paper on protective technologies and copyright law and is thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to this exciting field of study under the guidance of Ian Kerr. In particular, Charlotte looks forward to exploring the nexus between technological advancements and the re-conceptualization of societal norms, expectations, and aspects of reality. The avenues for exploration are boundless and she can’t wait to discover what lies around the next corner!

Beyond academia, Charlotte is a fan of laughter, keeping active, playing her violin, and discovering new music (especially Canadian content!). She enjoys travelling the world through the pages of her National Geographic and aspires to be a true epicure (Charlotte loves food blogs because they allow her to fulfill this dream on a student budget). Above all, she believes that answers are best found by letting go and getting lost. At present, her favourite word is, ‘whimsical’.

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