Cross Country Checkup on Lawful Access 20 Feb 2012

Ian Kerr talks with CBC's Rex Murphy about Bill C-30

Surveillance is, and always has been, a topic that makes people uneasy. The explosion over the past decade of public and private activity online has meant that many people have had to re-think their attitude towards privacy, and define exactly what should be public and what should be private.

What do you think? Is the internet a wide open place that should be free from authority and surveillance? Or must there be an update of police powers to keep up with the evolution of crime and criminals in an Internet age? What about the proposed law …do Canadians need to give the police powers that are better tuned to the electronic realities of today? Or, should Canadians be more vigilant than ever about protecting their privacy in a time when it can be compromised with the click of a mouse?

Our question today: “Does the proposed law to allow police easier identification of Internet users go too far?

Listen to the show on CBC Cross Country Checkup.

Download the interview.


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